How to Get rid of Textured and Heavily Painted Ceilings?

Generally speaking these kinds of ceilings were mostly found in the house of mid 20 century, these textured paintings were really famously known in the starring of 90s. These texture painting were also known as popcorn ceiling. But after sometimes it loses its significance, this happen due to the presence of asbestos in it which causes lung cancer on inhalation. Now, this kind of texture is consider outdated and old fashioned but it can still find out in the house made up in the 90, in case if your house made up in the 90s and have these popcorn textured ceilings , want to remove it then go through this whole blog.

There are some few tips to get rid of textured ceiling (Popcorn Ceiling)

Wetting it with a sprayer If you scrape the dry ceiling it will be really tricky for you to do that instead of scrapping it out as dry you should spray some water and soak it up for about 10 minutes , that will make the texture wet and it will loosen up, making it easy to scrape. Try to not use much excess of water on it as too much water will lose the joint tape. Is the ceiling isn’t softened even after spraying the water then spray water again and again.

Working in small areas Do the work in smaller sections of amount at a time as if you work in larger section then it will be dry out easily before you goanna scrape it. If you scrape out a large area then you have to wet it again and again which will be more time consuming and exhausting too.

Removing popcorn painted ceiling Many of you may have popcorn ceiling which are painted, although it not that difficult to remove this acoustic ceiling, just require some patience and muscle. Wearing a proper dust free mask and goggles is must while doing this job. This could be slightly more challenging as compare to removal of simple and non-painted ceiling as the paint is sealant over the texture. To make this task more easier spray some vinegar over the wet texture of ceiling, use 4- inch knife for scarping the texture.

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Covering up the ceiling This is also good idea for getting rid of popcorn ceiling; it also could be more time saving and less exhausting for you. Here are the few tricks to cover it up-

  • Simply texture and paint the ceiling- what could you do is that you can use a colorful spray over the texture and then fall ten it out with a knife, it will justify the look of ceiling.
  • Ceiling tiles- very affordable and attractive alternative option, either you can buy stylish ceiling tiles that can be glued or the screwed one.
  • Wooden planks- another stylish option just like tiles, but as the planks is heavy so you have to screw them up right to the ceiling joints.