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Are you considering going in for Toronto texture ceiling removal? Texture or popcorn ceilings were the in-thing in the last century. It was a good economical design back then, compared to painting the entire ceiling. The look was also exceptional because the puffed popcorn structure could very well hide the defects in the ceiling.

Today, however, things have changed a lot. There are reasons why more and more homeowners are now going in for the removal of popcorn ceilings. And, they are hiring experienced and competently trained personnel for the job.

Ceiling Specialist is one of the leading popcorn ceiling removal specialists in Toronto. We are known for our superior and assured quality of work in this domain. Popcorn ceiling removal is a task that requires methodical and systematic work, through and through. There is no scope of errors and mistakes here. It could backfire anytime and at any moment.

Why should you go in for Toronto texture ceiling removal?

  • The design is out-dated and not contemporary anymore. On the contrary, maintenance and keeping the ceiling clean is a big job. So, it is more of a botheration than a facility today.
  • Any kind of work that involves the popcorn ceiling is not easy. If you want to paint it, it could be a challenge. With a puffed and ridged look, you can never paint it to give a smooth look.
  • Popcorn ceilings require laborious maintenance. You need to call in experts to clean the ceiling. To top it, the ceiling attracts dust and dirt easily. It also becomes an ideal hotspot for spiders to multiply and build cobwebs. And, if by chance water permeates into the ceiling, it can destroy the look considerably.
  • Most old homes that were built before the 1980s have popcorn ceilings that contain traces of asbestos. This makes the work precarious. If the asbestos is in proper condition, it should not be disturbed because doing so will spread the harmful material into the air. It can cause serious health issues. Similarly, if the asbestos layer is not in the right condition, the popcorn ceiling needs to be scraped with the utmost care and attention. In both cases, only experts and trained people can do seamless work.


It is never advisable to do the work alone or through people who charge you less but do not have formal training in this domain. At Ceiling Specialist, we ensure compliance with local rules and regulations while all safety aspects are taken well into account before the start of the work.

We are a trusted ceiling removal company in Toronto working with the latest tools and techniques to render smooth work and finish. No ceiling-related job is difficult or challenging for us. We have the best of talents in-house and ensure that we are always ahead of our competition with rigorous training on-the-job. Our modus operandi is also foolproof. Our first work is to assess the ceiling, then make a detailed plan, share the same with you, and take your confirmation.

For a free assessment do not hesitate to contact us at 647-741-5550. We will gladly pass by your house to educate you on the job description, while answering questions and addressing concerns.

Best of all, our quotes are guaranteed with absolutely no hidden charges. To request your free quote today!



       Work was outstanding! Louie’s trades true professionals. House looks amazing and service was A+++. Would highly recommend!

Thanks Louie!

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