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Cottage cheese, acoustic, stucco, and popcorn ceilings are all known by the same name. The ceiling has a bumpy appearance. While popcorns are great for a movie show, when it comes to the ceiling of your house, it may not be an ideal look; especially when it is about a contemporary look.

The textured ceiling was a preferred alternative in the last century because it was cheaper than getting the ceiling painted from time to time. But, today, more and more homeowners in Pickering are opting for the Pickering texture ceiling removal process today because of numerous reasons.

What does it mean to choose a popcorn ceiling Removal Company in Pickering?

To remove the textured ceiling, you need to hire the services of trained professionals like Ceiling Specialists.

The job of ceiling removal specialists in Pickering is to first assess the ceiling and evaluate its exact condition. Based on the area and the condition of the ceiling, we advise the plan and inform you of the time, as well as the costs.

Once we receive approval from your end, we proceed ahead with the job. The task involves preparatory jobs like buying the right material, covering the entire area with plastic coverings. The place also needs to be covered from top to below. The task could also involve removing some fixtures and electrical connections, switches, etc. All this needs to be elaborately planned – it is not a job that can be immediately undertaken.

Ceiling Specialists is an expert popcorn ceiling Removal Company in Pickering. We know how to go about doing the work of popcorn ceiling removal. We are trained to handle the asbestos and lead in the ceiling, having complete knowledge and know-how of how to carry out the process safely and ethically. For us, the safety of your house as well as your family members is of prime importance.

We not only ensure that we use updated techniques and the most advanced tools to do the job but also keep ourselves updated with the latest news and happenings in the industry. The purpose is to follow internationally accepted standards and qualitative work so that the popcorn ceiling removal task is done super efficiently and in the most cost-effective way.

Why is the popcorn ceiling important?

The popcorn ceiling or acoustic ceiling is known for reducing the noise levels inside the house. They are also cost-effective. Having the popcorn ceiling removed is a good way to remove the outdated ceiling. The aesthetic of the place improves drastically. In fact, realtors say that the market value of the house improves substantially because the acoustic ceilings are old-fashioned. Also, over time, the yellowish appearance of the ceiling and the flakes falling off make the place look dreary and old.

Popcorn ceilings also become a great spot for dust and dirt collection. This way cleaning and repairing work of the ceiling can be tedious. The best way is to replace the popcorn ceiling.

When you appoint us as your ceiling removal specialists in Pickering, you can be at ease because the quality of our work is guaranteed thoroughly.



       Work was outstanding! Louie’s trades true professionals. House looks amazing and service was A+++. Would highly recommend!

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