Why us


Offering end-to-end texture ceiling removal Vaughan services is Ceiling Specialists, a trusted name in the popcorn ceiling removal industry. What differentiates us from our competitors is that we make use of updated technology to do the job right. Our strengths:

  • Our core team of people who are professionally trained as popcorn ceiling removal specialists.
  • Our tools and techniques stand out because we believe in using innovative methods to carry out the work.
  • Our years of experience have helped strengthen our knowledge and skills in this field.


If you thought that texture ceiling removal in Vaughan is an easy one-off job, we would like to inform you that it is not the case. It is far from the truth – popcorn ceiling removal is a time-consuming and arduous process. There is a lot of planning that is required to be done to execute the job.

As ceiling removal specialists in the Vaughan region, this is how we work

  1. The first thing that we do when we receive a call from your end and understand your issue is to fix an appointment and visit your premises. Here, the objective is to explore and assess the condition of the ceiling, conduct various tests especially pertaining to the presence of asbestos and its condition.
  2. After this, we draw up the plan and share the action plan, as well as the quotation with you.
  3. Once you confirm and give us the green signal, we decide a time and date to start the work.
  4. Before the work is started, we need to cordon off the entire area and cover up every little or big items with plastic so that the items are protected from damage.
  5. The scrapping work then starts. We use modern and most sophisticated tools to carry out the work. A number of things need to be taken care of – the underlying surface should not get damaged during the process. Also, if there is an asbestos trace, it is important to carry out the work with due diligence and vigilance. Also, traces of moisture and water can make the work overly complicated and complex.
  6. Then, the area needs to be covered with drywall over which the new texture needs to be applied to create a smooth finishing.
  7. Finally, the work is completed with the application of new paint to the drywall.
  8. The work does not finish off here. The mess needs to be cleaned up, all covered materials need to be put back into place; the place needs to be swept and cleaned and handed over to you.


You need popcorn ceiling contractors in Vaughan so that the job is done with meticulous detailing, and finesse. Yes, you can do it on your own, but things could get overtly messy, and costly in the process. Not to forget that without proper knowledge of how to handle the asbestos, you may be risking a lot by attempting to do the work as a DIY project. Trust Ceiling Specialists to do a seamless job as your hired ceiling removal specialists in the Vaughan region.

Best of all, our quotes are guaranteed with absolutely no hidden charges. To request your free quote today!



       Work was outstanding! Louie’s trades true professionals. House looks amazing and service was A+++. Would highly recommend!

Thanks Louie!

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