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Popcorn is great fun at movies, but having one as part of the ceilings at your home can be a bit of a headache. The popcorn ceilings were highly popular from the 1950s to the 1950s. Reason? They were known as acoustic ceilings because they were supposed to absorb sound and noise better. This way the ceilings became a part of most homes in this part of the earth, especially in bedrooms.

There are other negative aspects of this type of ceilings because of which a growing number of people are preferring popcorn ceiling removal in North York.

Why should I get my popcorn ceiling removed?

Popcorn ceilings are not really phenomenal especially if they are located in the kitchen or the bathroom. Popcorns do not gel well with moisture, you see!

The other negative aspect of popcorn ceilings is that it attracts a lot of dirt and dust. The growth of cobwebs too is not uncommon in rooms that have popcorn ceilings.

Maintaining this type of ceiling is truly a big pain – one that you can choose to do away with by calling in local ceiling removal specialists in North York.

Why should I call only specialists for the job?

There is one big downside of popcorn ceilings besides the ones mentioned above. It is the presence of asbestos. Houses that were built before 1990 in all possibilities have asbestos as an essential part of the popcorn ceiling. As per environment rules, if the asbestos in a proper condition, it should not be scraped off and left as it is. This way the harmful effects of the material can be reduced drastically.

You need texture ceiling removal companies in North York like Ceiling Specialists to test the asbestos material and its condition and then decide whether it needs to be removed or not. We are one of the leading popcorn ceiling removal companies in North York, having worked in this domain for years. We are trained asbestos and popcorn ceiling removal professionals. We use modern devices and equipment to carry out the work, whether it involves inspecting the ceiling or scrapping of the material or testing its condition.

How do we carry out popcorn ceiling removal in North York?

  1. Ensuring that the worksite is prepared appropriately for the work. The entire area is cordoned off and all the belongings in the space are either covered with plastic sheets or removed to other areas.
  2. The next step is to scrape off the popcorn ceiling. Safety and ethical practices are followed thoroughly. We use the best tools to carry out the process. The presence of asbestos makes the process risky. Being a leading ceiling removal specialist in North York, you have no reason to worry when we are at work!
  3. Covering the ceiling with drywall mud and then applying paint on top of it with flawless finishing is our area of expertise.
  4. Finally, we clean up the mess and hand over the area to you, exactly in the shape, that we had taken from you.

For a free assessment do not hesitate to contact us at 647-741-5550. We will gladly pass by your house to educate you on the job description while answering questions and addressing concerns.

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