Benefits of Removing Textured Ceiling

Popcorn ceilings were once trendy and cool additions to homes but have now fallen out of favor due to their ugly design and poor ease of maintenance. You can plan for Removing textured ceilings as these can harbor asbestos which makes the entire process dangerous and inconvenient for you and your family.

What is the Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings are a form of outdated ceiling fixtures that resemble the lumpy texture of popcorn. The cottage cheese texture was considered ideal for hiding ceiling imperfections and delivering better acoustics inside the room. The reason people love to seek professional Acoustic ceiling removals is that these fixtures make your home appear dated. These can quickly take a toll on the beauty of the room and lower the market value of the same. Homeowners also complain that these lumpy textures attract more dust and dirt than a regular ceiling. Post the removal process, you get a ceiling that is smooth and sleek. The same increases the market value of your home and it is easy to dispose of the same quickly.

The Problem of Asbestos

If the ceiling has asbestos then you must immediately plan for attaining or removing the textured ceiling. If the same is damaged in any way, it can immediately release asbestos particles into the air and cause serious problems like – mesothelioma or asthma. The dust resulting from the damage can seep into carpets, vents, etc. The situation augments the overall problems and makes obtaining the desired results difficult. Thus if you are in a home built before the 70s then there is a huge chance that the ceiling can contain asbestos. The DIY alternatives can prove to be a bad idea in this case.

Before proceeding with the removal, it is important to get a sample of the same tested for asbestos. The presence of asbestos can raise the risk and overall expenditure needed to remove these. DIY projects can be risky as these result in crumbling or structural issues that can instantly release the particles into the air.

Professional Removal of the Popcorn Ceiling

If you are planning for a home upgrade or remodel then you need to ensure that you select the best professionals for attaining effective removal. With the right help, it is easy to attain a clean and mess-free ceiling finished with paint or desired ceiling fixtures. To ensure the best results, it is important to research your available options and determine the best fit as per your requirements and budget. Looking for customer feedback and suggestions can also help to reduce the chances of a wrong selection.

The Removal Process: The entire acoustic removal task may be different and the final estimate will depend on factors like – the length of the room, the type of finish desired, etc. For ideal removal, a plastic or drop cloth may be used to protect the entire area. Although it is recommended to clean the entire room of furniture and other accessories to ensure easy removal.

Once the ceiling has been prepped for the removal process, the specialists use advanced equipment and tools to scrape off the entire surface. Once this is done, the ceiling can be repainted to ensure a smooth and sleek look.