Water can seep in through pretty much anything, until and unless the flow is stopped. Inside the home or the office, it can be a serious threat. From discolouring the ceiling to make the ceiling sag, there are reasons why you need to look for a professional ceiling water damage repair company.

Causes of ceiling water damage

Heavy rainfall, lashing winds, and storms can damage the roof of your house substantially. Dripping ceilings can be a nuisance. But, if the weather conditions persist to be bad and if you are not someone well-versed with slippery surfaces, we would advise you not to try climbing the roof; rather call in experts like us.

When the plumbing lines are damaged, it starts to show on the ceilings that are directly underneath the kitchen or the toilet areas.

Water damage restoration is not the work of novice and amateurs. A damaged ceiling can indicate a lot about the health of your house. But, what is the exact cause behind the dripping ceiling can only be ascertained by experts like us.

Ceiling Specialists – Who are we?

We are a Toronto-based ceiling repair company with competency in handling residential and commercial buildings. We follow best practices in carrying out ceiling water damage repair.

  • Our team in-house is thoroughly experienced in this particular niche;
  • We are equipped with the latest tools and abreast with the most advanced techniques to carry out the work;
  • We follow safety practices because it is important in the best interest of the health of your house, and the occupants inside.

The way experts do the work of water damage restoration

  1. A meticulous and diligent inspection of the ceiling and the house is carried out. When it is a major fault, we will need to scrutinize the issue assiduously. In case the fault is not as serious, we will hear the issue over the phone and quote accordingly.
  2. A thorough plan of action is discussed and decided, and then communicated to you or the homeowner.
  3. On the decided date, we will arrive with our tools and equipment; we will also carry the required materials to do the job.
  4. From fixing small issues to handling the bigger damaged areas on your roof and ceilings, our professional team of trained technicians will ensure a permanent solution is rendered to the ceiling in the fastest possible manner.
  5. We will also test the area post the work, to be one hundred percent sure that the ceiling is repaired consistently and qualitatively.

When you call us, we do not promise to charge you a cheap price for the services. But we promise to do outstanding work on your ceiling. The price for ceiling water damage repair is not pre-fixed; we assess the damage and then depending upon various factors, we quote you a price. The factors are – the extent of damage, the time required for the work, the materials required for the job, and other add-on tasks that may be required.