The cost of removing a textured or popcorn ceiling is relatively small compared to the skilled trade aspect of the job, which is levelling the ceiling. Removal of popcorn ceilings is not a skilled trade. It only requires  one’s valuable  time and physical labour. However, you do not want to gauge the drywall as smoothening out the ceiling will later become more labour intensive. If the homeowner does not intend to re do flooring or repaint the room once this procedure is done,  then the proper precautions must be taken to protect the premises accordingly. Floors need to be protected and walls need to be covered in plastic. Once this is done, the homeowner can wet the ceiling with any method he/she prefers and then scrape it off with a putty knife. Please note this process only applies if the popcorn has not been painted. To ensure a quality procedure the surface should be sanded with an 80 grit sandpaper to prepare ceiling for plastering. Depending on the complexity, volume, density and protection required we at THE CEILING SPECIALISTS typically charge $.99 to $1.99 per square foot.


Once the popcorn ceiling has been removed the real challenge sets in, as you can have a smooth ceiling but it can still be wavy. If you do not have experience with a trowel and a hawk ( which are tools used to plaster) then it’s best to call professionals, as this step will showcase the quality of workmanship.  Depending on the natural light that enters the room you will need to do 1 to 3 skimcoat applications to ensure a smooth level finish. Remember, this is the primary reason builders applied the popcorn texture in the first place which is to hide the imperfections.  A skimcoat essentially means covering every square inch of the surface with plaster. Sanding the ceiling in between coats will ensure better results.  If one is skim coating a concrete surface which are typically in condos then it’s better to seal the concrete ceiling with a multipurpose sealer to decrease moisture penetrating through and better adhesion to the surface. Also I would recommend 3 skim coats to be done on these areas as condo ceilings tend to be unforgiving to the natural sunlight that comes gleaming in.

The typical cost for popcorn ceilings made smooth would  be $1.99 to $2.99 per sq/ft.


Once the popcorn ceiling has been transformed to a modern masterpiece what better way to showcase it than applying a coat of primer/sealer and high quality paint. It is impairitive one use a high quality sealer so there are no blemishes and paint gets absorbed equally and evenly. The ceiling paint should also be high quality with zero to low voc. I cant emphasize enough to pick a paint sheen that is as flat as possible. The flat paint will make the ceilings look more stunning allowing you to enjoy them for years to come.

Typical cost of painting a smooth / popcorn ceiling is $.99 to $1.50 per sq ft.


Feel free to contact the popcorn ceiling removal experts to bundle up the whole service for a discounted price with exceptional service.

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