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The popcorn ceilings were in fashion between the 1930s and the 1990s. But, towards the end of the last century, many homeowners realized that the ceilings have started to turn yellow or the popcorn ceiling started to get scraped off at places, making the place look terrible. All kinds of ceiling related work – repair, maintenance, or replacement should be handed over to professionals.

While the popcorn ceilings are just like any other ceiling, there is a subtle difference that makes it more important that you choose only experienced popcorn ceiling removal contractors in Maple, Ontario for the job. Ceiling Specialists are one of the premier ceiling contractors in Ontario, well trained, and proficient in the task of popcorn ceiling replacement and repair.

Why do you need experts for popcorn or texture ceiling removal in Maple?

One thing is for sure – removal of popcorn ceiling is no work of a novice. The work needs meticulous detailing – it is a messy job, involving time-consuming and monotonous working. And, it is not only about the day of work – but also, before and after the job.

Preparatory work – the ceiling needs to be sprayed with water so that the texture layer can be moist and absorb the water. This makes the scraping work easier for the workmen. However, handling the wet ceiling can be quite a messy affair. Hence, the floor, the furniture, furnishings, fixtures, and all other items that cannot be moved to another place need to be covered well so that dirt and dust particles do not spoil your valuables.

Similarly, after the job is finished, the messy place needs to be cleaned and restored to its original shape. Both these types of work may not require specialized skills but it needs experience and know-how.

As a leading popcorn ceiling specialist in Maple, we offer high-quality popcorn ceiling removal services in Maple to ensure that the pre and the post ceiling work along with the main scrapping work is done professionally.

This is why you should always hire the services of ceiling experts like Ceiling Specialists?

  1. The first reason for hiring us is that we are qualified asbestos ceiling professionals. The popcorn ceiling contains traces of asbestos and lead. The government has now banned the use of asbestos because it is harmful to the health of your family as well as it is not eco-friendly. You should trust only trained ceiling experts to handle ceilings that contain asbestos, whether it is about replacement, repairing, or even painting work.
  2. As experts, we ensure that all safety norms are met thoroughly. We also ensure that the debris is disposed of compliant with government rules. A novice will not be able to do the work as proficiently as experts like us.
  3. During the texture ceiling removal Maple, we need to not only take care to do the scraping work patiently and meticulously but also ensure that the seams and the cracks are addressed well. So that after the refinishing job is done, none of these defects show. Only skilled popcorn ceiling removal contractors in Maple like us can do a fair job.

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