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Acoustic ceilings became a rage in Ajax in the middle of the twentieth century. The reason was that the ceilings were absolutely good in reducing noise from the outside penetrating inside the house and vice versa. It is easy to detect popcorn or acoustic ceiling, as the textured material gives the roof a bumpy look. Also called stucco ceilings, or cottage cheese ceilings, many homes in this part of Canada that were built between the 1930s to the 1990s were made with this type of ceilings.

Why popcorn ceiling removal in Ajax, Toronto became popular in the last few years?

This type of ceiling was also good to hide any imperfections that existed in the ceiling construction. It was cost-effective too. However, it was later found that the main constituent of this type of a ceiling was asbestos that is used for binding the popcorn ceiling mixtures. It got banned first in the US.

There are a number of reasons why you should consider popcorn ceiling removal in Ajax, Toronto. And, why you should not try doing all by yourself. You need to have experts like Ceiling Specialists to do the job of Ajax texture ceiling removal. Why?

  • As mentioned asbestos got banned in the US under the Clean Air Act. In Canada too it was felt that for popcorn ceilings, it is best to get a professional to do the work of repair, maintenance, and removal of these types of ceilings. It is because if asbestos is there, it could have harmful consequences, especially if not handled properly. If the asbestos is in proper condition and is left undisturbed, the risks are lower. Only a proficient ceiling company like us has the know-how to handle the entire job with meticulous detailing.
  • Acoustic ceiling attracts all kinds of dust, dirt, cobwebs, spiders, and other unwanted things in life. You need to be extremely careful when cleaning or painting such a ceiling. One wrong move and the parts will start to break and fall. This means that the look of the ceiling gets spoiled; affecting the look of the indoors at your place. Thus removal becomes a good alternative to get rid of these issues.


Ceiling Specialists is a top-notch ceiling removal specialist in Ajax with experience and expertise as two of our biggest strengths. Being a part of the industry, we use pioneering techniques and advanced tools for the work. Our action plan is designed and executed in a way that there are negligible risks with safety and security a focus area for us.

One of the reasons why more households prefer popcorn ceiling removal in Ajax, Toronto is because popcorn ceilings are badly affected by moisture and water. As a result, if the ceiling develops cracks and crevices, or there is an issue with the plumbing lines in your house, and the water reaches the popcorn ceilings, the ceiling starts to peel off. This can be avoided by having the ceiling removed by the workmen from Ceiling Specialists, a leading ceiling removal specialist in Ajax.

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