Why Transform Your Popcorn Ceilings into Smooth Ceilings?

  Popcorn ceilings were one the important parts of the interior in the early seventies. But now the trends have changed, now popcorn ceilings are considered outdated for many reasons, especially for the health reason as they can be the home to asbestos. As professionals we see a number of people who want to change their popcorn ceilings to smooth ceilings. Though for a person with the little know how about using hardware and tools this can be an easy task but if you are new to it, it would be better to call the professionals. Why Choose Smooth Ceilings? You might think what’s so bad in my old ceiling I mean, you may still find it ok and look like yeah it’s still working fine, but aesthetically it will make your home look older and ruin the beauty. Other than that, the smooth ceiling will also make your ceiling look higher or raised, in contrast, the textured ceiling can draw your focus to the texture and makes your ceiling feel lower. Smooth ceilings will not gather as much dust. You don’t need to be taught about that specially if you understand how important this is for allergy sufferers you know the dust mites, how irritating they are. How do you remove it? First of all you will need to prepare the room where the task will be done. Remove any furniture or if you can’t remove as much as you can easily or with a little hand. Cover the floor and furniture with the plastic sheet because the process will be messy. With the help of water sprayer you can spray it in the ceiling, let the ceiling soak the water as this will be helpful in removing the ceiling surface. You will need to scrap the ceiling to remove. When the ceiling is removed this will need some primer and paint. You might think this sound bit tough this is why the professional ceiling removal service comes in handy. Before you hire the service just make sure the way they work and if they will also provide the paint and cleaning service as well. The whole process is messy but our professionals will do its best.