Remove those popcorn ceilings to get a smooth ceiling surface

Are your home’s popcorn ceilings becoming an eyesore? Are you tired of staring at those unsightly surfaces, wishing that you could have something much smoother and more modern-looking? If your home is still covered in popcorn ceilings, it’s high time to get rid of them. Why? For starters, they’re completely outdated. Popcorn ceilings do little for the aesthetics of an interior. Not only are they a turn-off for you, but they’re probably a turn-off for prospective buyers if you ever plan to sell in the near future. In addition, removing popcorn ceilings can do wonders for your property value. The perceived value of your home can be increased simply by removing your popcorn ceilings and swapping them for something much more stylish and aesthetically pleasing. No matter what type of ceiling surface you choose, it will no doubt look better and help add more value to your home. But once you’ve decided to have your popcorn ceilings removed, how do you go about doing it? Should you remove the sprayed-on material yourself, or hire someone to do it? While it’s certainly possible to take the DIY route, it’s highly recommended to have professionals come in and remove them for you. Here’s why: It’s a messy job. Once you start scraping all that material off your ceilings, it will make its way into every other part of your home if you’re not careful. The cleanup job can be even more time-consuming than the popcorn ceiling removal itself. Instead, experts in popcorn ceiling removal will take precautions to minimize the amount of material that becomes airborne and protect the room itself and all other parts of the home so the cleanup is minimal. It’s challenging. Removing popcorn ceiling material is not a one-person job. Instead, it takes a team to get the job done properly and quickly. While you could enlist some friends or neighbours to help, they likely don’t have the know-how or experience to ensure a job well done. Professionals in this sphere, on the other hand, have plenty of skill and experience in this realm and will be able to get the job done quickly and efficiently to reveal an amazing finish when all is said and done. There may be asbestos lingering. If there is asbestos in the sprayed-on material – which is highly possible – allowing it to become airborne can create a hazardous space in your home. By having experts tackle the job for you, they’ll first test the material to determine whether or not any asbestos exists. If it does, they’ll take the necessary precautions to remove the material very carefully so that any asbestos present is removed entirely. Are you looking to have your popcorn ceilings removed? If so, call The Ceiling Specialists today!