Is removing popcorn ceilings affordable?

Every home could use a little updating once in a while. Much like the world of fashion, interior decor and design styles come and go with the times. What may have been hot years back will likely not be considered so today, and that goes for popcorn ceilings. In fact, popcorn ceilings is one of the more common factors in a home to be eliminated in favour of something more modern and sophisticated in finish. Homebuyers typically frown upon the existence of popcorn ceilings when they visit homes on the market and end up smoothing them over once they take possession. At the same time, homeowners who plan on staying put are increasingly choosing to forgo their ceilings for a smoother, more attractive finish. But one question many homeowners may have is the cost associated with popcorn ceiling removal.   How Much Does it Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceilings?   A number of factors influence the cost of popcorn ceiling removal, including the area of the surface to be removed, the number of rooms with popcorn ceilings that need to come off, and whether or not there is asbestos in the material being removed. The presence of asbestos will increase the price quite a bit as extra steps will need to be taken to first test the material for the presence of this hazardous material, then use more specialized equipment and techniques to remove the popcorn ceiling. A professional ceiling contractor will spray an area, remove a sample, and have it sent to a testing facility to identify the presence – or lack thereof – of asbestos. If asbestos is detected, the cost of the project will be higher.   What’s Involved in the Removal of Popcorn Ceilings?   Removing sprayed-on stucco is a labour-intensive and time-consuming job, which is why it’s recommended to have the professionals take on this task. One way to remove the ceiling material is to scrape it off, then smooth the underlying surface over with a new finish for a more stylish look. As you may assume, this process can take a long time and can allow plenty of dust to be released into the air. That’s why it’s important for the proper precautions to be taken to ensure the dust particles are confined to the area being worked on. This ceiling material can also be covered with ceiling drywall rather than chipping away at it. Again, this can be a challenging job that should only be left to ceiling specialists to do. Yet another way to deal with popcorn ceilings is to simply lather another finishing material over top, which will smooth out the surface but still leave a textured look. Whichever way you choose to have your popcorn ceilings removed, it’s important that you call the experts in this field – The Ceiling Specialists! Bringing in the professionals will ensure a job well done so that you don’t end up having to pay more for repairs after a shoddy job. By calling in the experts, you’ll ensure that costs will be kept to a minimum.