How to Hire the Right Expert for Removing Textured Ceilings?

Once upon a time, textured ceilings were all the rage. However, it is now an out-of-date health issue for most homeowners that they want to get rid of and want to save money when removing the textured ceiling. This is why hiring a drywall expert, or a painter is the best option. Even if it’s in good condition, it can make home maintenance more challenging to sell the home because potential buyers know that textured ceilings frequently contain asbestos, a recognized carcinogen.

To address these questions, keep in mind that a textured ceiling poses no risk if it is in good condition. So, if you’re a renter with a good roof, you may rest easy.

First and foremost, determine if you are exposed to asbestos.

We know you’re itching to get rid of that old roof texture and start fresh. However, there is one thing you must do before you begin: asbestos tests. It’s a mineral that forms naturally from rock and dirt. 

What Happens If You Have Asbestos in Your Popcorn Ceiling?

If your roof came back positive for asbestos, you should get it removed by a professional asbestos removal company. It isn’t a job you can attempt on your own and therefore should be left to the professionals. Examine the costs of encapsulation and removal. However, because an encapsulated coating does not readily absorb water, removing a textured ceiling will become more complicated and expensive if you or a subsequent owner decides to do so.

If the asbestos-containing coating is in good condition, leaving it alone is preferable to enclose it. Get quotations for removing the layer throughout the house and for the area or rooms involved in your project if you wish to remove it for aesthetic purposes or if you need to cut into the roof for a makeover.

Hiring someone to ensure that the house is asbestos-free and works for acoustic ceiling removal is significant. Doing your homework will secure your peace of mind.

What and how to Look for When Choosing a Professional

Verify any contractor’s employment qualifications before employing them to repair your textured ceiling. Here are some things to consider.

Licensing: A drywall installer & painter may be required to hold a license in some places, demonstrating that they have the requisite expertise, training, and testing to accomplish the task. Verify the license with the licensing board in your state.

Bond of Surety: Because mediocre quality from your selected contractor is an awful possibility, it’s essential to be cautious. Assume your contractor does a partial job of removing the textured ceiling. If you’re unhappy with their performance, you can submit a suit upon their surety bond (basically, an assurance that they’ll complete the task as promised) and get your contractor fee repaid.

Positive Feedback: If the end product isn’t up to par, your ceiling can resemble a bright red light. So look for customer evaluations on your contractor’s site or ask a previous client if they were happy with the work. If you can show images of the finished project, you’ll get bonus points.

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Insurance: You may well be held financially liable if the contractor is hurt on the job or destroys your ceilings even during the project. To ensure that you are protected from a failure, ask your contractors whether they have insurance and then double-check with their insurer.