How do you smooth out a textured ceiling?

Does your home still have textured ceilings in various rooms? Are you tired of their outdated look and their negative impact on the look of your home? Are you looking for ways to finally rid your home of those textured ceilings to boost your home’s style and even increase its perceived value? Luckily, there are ways to smooth out your textured ceiling to give your home’s interior a much more modern look. Here are some tips to help you get rid of that textured ceiling and smooth it out for a more refined finish. Scrape it Off The surface underneath the sprayed-on material is smooth. It was once just a bare ceiling that had material added over the top to create a textured look. One way to smooth out your textured ceiling is to simply scrape off the material over top. If you choose this method, keep in mind that it’s a messy job. Before you start, you’ll need to lay drop cloths all over the floor and seal off doorways to contain all that material that will be scraped off. Loosen the material by spraying small sections with water using a spray bottle. Once the material has softened, it’s easier to scrape off. Just make sure to do this in sections so that the material doesn’t dry before you’re able to get to it. Once all the material is off, you’ll need to patch up any dents that you may have made when scraping using a utility knife. Install Ceiling Drywall A cleaner way to smooth out your popcorn ceiling texture is to simply cover your textured ceiling with drywall. This method won’t risk any knicks or dents on your ceiling surface underneath the sprayed-on material cause there’s no scraping involved. That said, you will need some help and some skills hoisting the ceiling drywall and taping it at the joints to ensure seamless connections. Add a New Texture Over Top You can also choose to add a different texture over top of your old ceiling texture. To do this, you’ll want to test out a patch of the ceiling first to make sure the material is strong enough to withstand the added weight of the new material you’ll be applying over top. Once you’ve tested it, you can apply a new joint compound over the existing material to create a new texture to your liking. This won’t result in a completely smooth texture, but it will give you the opportunity to have a dish that is more aesthetically appealing to you. Hire the Pros Perhaps the best way to smooth over your ceilings is to hire the experts to tackle this job or you. Dealing with textured ceilings can be a big job that is more complicated than you may realize, so your best bet is to leave it in the hands of the professionals. When you’re ready to overhaul your ceilings, call The Ceiling Specialists today!