From Popcorn Textured Ceilings To Smooth Ceilings

Have you been contemplating getting rid of your popcorn ceilings in favour of something that’s much more up-to-date and modern? Are your popcorn ceilings making your home look completely outdated and unsightly? Ceilings are often under-looked in terms of decor, but this surface makes a huge difference in the overall look and feel of an interior. So, what can you do if you want to give your ceiling a complete overhaul? Where can you turn to have your ceilings transformed from unsightly popcorn ceilings to gorgeous and modern smooth ceilings?    
The Ceiling Specialists – Your Go-To Source For Popcorn Ceiling Removal
  Installing popcorn ceilings is already an art form that should not be tackled by the average homeowner. But getting rid of them is a whole other ball game. If you’re considering removing your popcorn ceiling texture and smoothing out the surface, your best bet is to get in touch with the experts in this field. No matter which method you choose to get rid of the sprayed-on material, it will be a challenge if you don’t have the right team in place to do so. Here are just a few reasons why: Scraping it can result in a lot of damage to the underlying surface. One common way to eliminate popcorn ceilings is to scrape it off with a utility knife after softening the material with some water. But not only is this job very difficult and time-consuming, it can also leave a lot of knicks if you’re not careful. And any dents will have to be smoothed over and finished after the material has been scraped off. Asbestos can become airborne. If it’s discovered that there is asbestos in the popcorn ceiling (which was common before the 1980s), you could unknowingly allow it to become airborne while trying to scrape it off. The professionals will be able to test the area, and if asbestos is found, the necessary precautions will be taken to ensure this material does not infest the indoor air. Ceiling drywall is tough to install. If you decide to cover up your popcorn ceilings with drywall, this is a challenging job that you can’t do yourself. Installing drywall on walls is hard enough, but installing it on a ceiling is even harder. This job calls for the experts in popcorn ceiling removal. To simplify the process of removing your popcorn ceilings, rely on the experts in this type of specialized job. The Ceiling Specialists have been removing popcorn ceilings for years and have perfected the process.
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