Ceiling Options After Removing Your Stipple Ceiling

Does your home still have that outdated stipple ceiling that has become more of an eyesore than a decorative element? If so, you may have contemplated getting rid of that material in favour of something more modern and stylish. Or, perhaps your stipple ceiling is in need of repair, but rather than going the popcorn ceiling repair route, you’ve decided to replace it altogether. If that’s the case, there are a few options to choose from once the stipple ceiling material has been removed. Here are just some of your options in ceiling finishes for you to choose from.   Smooth Ceilings Perhaps the more obvious finish you have once your stipple ceiling has been removed is a smooth, flat surface. After the textured ceiling material has been eliminated, you can simply leave your ceiling smooth for a clean, minimalist finish. If the material was scraped off, you may have to patch up any dents or holes that may have been left behind as a result. Otherwise, if you’ve used drywall ceiling to cover up what was once there, you can simply have the drywall taped and painted over to reveal a smooth finish that looks much nicer than the stipple ceiling that was there before. Tray Ceilings For a more elegant and dramatic feel to your interior, a tray ceiling can work quite well. With this type of ceiling, you’ll have a cut-out design whereby the middle part of the ceiling is recessed. Usually, light fixtures are mounted on the deepest part of the tray ceiling. And if you really want to add some definition to your tray ceiling, you can paint the inside part a different color compared to the remainder of the ceiling. Textured Ceiling There are several other textures that are much nicer and more sophisticated than stipple ceilings. Rather than the bumpy look of popcorn ceilings, there are other textures you can choose from. In fact, you can create your own texture using a compound that suits your tastes and the look of your space.   Coffered Ceilings Another stylish option that you have once your popcorn ceiling has been removed is coffered ceilings. This style features repeated sunken square or rectangular panels that give depth and definition to the ceiling. The main light fixture is usually mounted from the middle panel with other panels featuring pot lights.   Ready to Remove Your Popcorn Ceiling? If your home is in need of an update, consider having your stipple ceilings removed. At The Ceiling Specialists, that’s what we do! Call us today to have your home’s ceiling surface transformed into one that is modern and elegant!