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HomeWater Damage Repair
Home Water Damage Repair
Ceiling Repair from Water Damage

Water can absolutely wreak havoc in a home if it leaks. After a short amount of time, all that water can lead to major issues within a home, including the build-up of mould and mildew. Not only do these leave unattractive stains on surfaces behind, they are also dangerous to inhale after an extended period of time.

Dealing with water leaks in the home is an essential first step, but once you’ve tackled the source of the problem, you may be left with the added task of making repairs to surfaces where water has been pooled, including the ceiling.

If your home’s ceiling has been affected any water leaks, you will need to engage in water damage repair to bring your ceiling back up to par. Here are some tips to repairing your ceiling following water damage.

Dry the Ceiling

Once you’ve nipped the problem of the water leak in the bud, your next step is to dry the ceiling, both above and below as your first step in water damage repair. Before you begin, make sure that you cover the floor and furniture with a tarp to protect them. Then dry the ceiling with towels, fans, or a vacuum below and above the ceiling. If you notice that water is still present, it’s a sign that the ceiling is saturated. Dry it again, or else you will have to cut out the wet sections. Make sure the damaged area is totally dry before you begin with the actual water damage repair.

Remove the Damaged Sections

If there are any parts of your ceiling that are bulging or loose, you will need to scrape them with a putty knife or paint scraper to get rid of the chipping or flaking surface.

Prepare the Ceiling Surface For Repair

Smooth over the ridges between the damaged and clean sections with some sandpaper. If there are large holes in the ceiling, you will need to cover them with drywall or plaster. You might be able to get away with covering smaller holes with just a little bit of joint compound only. Any remaining bumps should then be sanded down with sandpaper.

Prime and Paint the Ceiling

The last step in water damage repair to your ceiling is to prime and paint it. The primer should be allowed to completely dry before painting, and sometimes a second coat of primer should be applied. If you paint directly over the area before priming, any imperfections will show through. Consider painting the entire ceiling in order to obtain an even, uniform colour.

Water damage repair to ceilings can be a very complex and challenging job without the know-how and the right equipment. As such, you’d be well-advised to seek out help from professionals in the industry like The Ceiling Specialists who have plenty of experience dealing with water damage to ceilings and making the proper repairs to make the surface as good as new. Call The Ceiling Specialists right away to repair your water-damaged ceiling!